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all terms that begin with HOUSE appear in the list of results: HOUSE BUILDERS, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS.

A word may be preceded by an * to search based on parts of words. This search results in a comprehensive list of results, but requires more time.

* house

all terms that contain HOUSE as part of the word appear in the list of results: HOUSEHOLD LINEN, HOUSING DEVELOPERS, as well as FARMHOUSE.

Professionals for Professionals!

Aren’t you interested in the Programme of Lectures for the University of Toronto and holiday snaps of Amy L.? Are you just looking for a car dealer in Dublin or a dog parlour in Limerick? A classic case for the Internet Register Ireland!

We live in an information and knowledge society. Fast, accurate information is the basis for commercial success and knowledge is power. But a flood of disordered information tends to make us powerless rather than knowledgeable. In the global Internet era, the skill is not to amass information but to target its availability instead.

And we have mastered this!

We are a professional team of businessmen, programmers, data experts and computer artists who have compiled communication data and business information on professional Internet participants from all over Ireland in the Internet Register Ireland and edited them for professional searching.

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The Internet is becoming increasingly popular as a source of information. Consumers and traders in particular are increasingly using the medium to find suppliers of goods and services. Not without reason!

Where else it is possible to obtain comprehensive information on a provider without obligation? But the user is merely driven to distraction by a trial-and-error Internet search and obtaining thousands of hits for his or her efforts which have to be sifted through. Don’t get lost in the expanse of the World Wide Web – reach your destination in the Internet Register Ireland!

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More and more providers of goods and services now understand that new business partners and customers are also to be found outside the range of their neon signs. This is why not only global players use the World Wide Web for international competition, but also the self-employed as well as small and medium-sized businesses since they find a modern platform on which to display their profile and to make new contacts. They break with the narrow constraints of the ephemeral and yet cost-intensive advertising in the regional press. They reach an infinitely larger number of prospective purchasers than with local billboard or leaflets in the neighbourhood, but only if they are seen in the orbit of the countless, twinkling Internet stars!

It is hence not enough just to “be on the net” with your range of goods or services, you also need to be found! Register with the Internet Register Ireland for professional participants! Here and now.

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