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If you enter a keyword in the search field, the system always starts the search for matches from the beginning of a word.


all terms that begin with HOUSE appear in the list of results: HOUSE BUILDERS, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS.

A word may be preceded by an * to search based on parts of words. This search results in a comprehensive list of results, but requires more time.

* house

all terms that contain HOUSE as part of the word appear in the list of results: HOUSEHOLD LINEN, HOUSING DEVELOPERS, as well as FARMHOUSE.

Internet Register Ireland - what is that?
Internet-active companies, the self-employed, organisations and public institutions are classified in the Internet Register Ireland according to sectors together with their website. In other words, the Internet Register Ireland will put you in contact with irish Internet subscribers that are present on the net with a homepage not for purely private reasons but for professional reasons. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that as the Internet medium is continually changing, it is not possible to ensure that the data in the Register are complete and up to date at all times.

What’s the purpose of the Internet Register Ireland?
The Internet Register Ireland for professional participants with homepage is not just another global search engine. On the contrary - the Internet Register Ireland is refreshing in that it places reassuring limits on the endlessness of the World Wide Web. Only irish non-private Internet subscribers are listed in the Internet Register Ireland so you will search precisely in the galaxy of the orbit in which you are at home. The Internet Register Ireland will help you search in the expanses of the World Wide Web and find new business partners, customers or suppliers specifically within Ireland.

Who produces the Internet Register Ireland?
The Internet Register Ireland for professional praticipants is produced in the German media metropolis Hamburg by DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH. This company employs a team of businessmen, programmers, graphic designers, data experts and computer artists with several years of experience in international business communication to collect and evaluate corporate and communication data, and to make it available to you on the Internet using the latest technology.

Why should I have a listing in the Internet Register Ireland?
Counter question: why not? Seriously, you have gone onto the net with your products or services with a view to using this comparatively inexpensive platform to present your company to a far wider audience than the regional one. It’s not simply your wish to have an Internet presence, you also want to be seen. That’s fine! You’ll be found in the Internet Register Ireland, namely by the interested parties who are specifically looking for information in Ireland.

All well and good, but how much will it cost me?
Registration of your basic data (company name/name, town/city, sector and Internet address) will not cost you anything, niente, nada! Just send us your registration details – and you’ll be in there! You will only incur costs if you want a highlighted listing and place an advertising order.

How can I advertise in the Internet Register Ireland?
If you wish to use the Internet Register Ireland for professional participants as a multiplier for your publicity, place an advertisement! Our customer service will inform you about the options, conditions and costs.

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