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If you enter a keyword in the search field, the system always starts the search for matches from the beginning of a word.


all terms that begin with HOUSE appear in the list of results: HOUSE BUILDERS, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS.

A word may be preceded by an * to search based on parts of words. This search results in a comprehensive list of results, but requires more time.

* house

all terms that contain HOUSE as part of the word appear in the list of results: HOUSEHOLD LINEN, HOUSING DEVELOPERS, as well as FARMHOUSE.

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Aren’t you interested in the Programme of Lectures from the University of Toronto
and in holiday snaps of Amy L.? Are you just looking for a car dealer in Dublin or a dog parlour in Limerick? A classic case for the Internet Register Ireland!

Internet becoming increasingly popular as source of information!
Consumers and traders in particular are increasingly using the medium to find supplies of goods and services. Not without reason!

Curtain up for the grand entrance!
On the net at last - so what now!
Don’t just be there, be found is the slogan for all Internet-active firms, the self-employed and institutions.